managemnet company management 10 Things Humility Does That Pride Does Not

10 Things Humility Does That Pride Does Not

10 Things Humility Does That Pride Does Not post thumbnail image

10 Things Humility Can Do That Pride Can’t

10 Things Humility Accomplishes

HUMILID is the basis of servant leadership. Dale Burke explains what humility looks like and what it does in contrast to pride How to Lead and Still Have a Life: The 8 Principles of Less is More Leadership.

1. Humility takes responsibility. Pride blames others.

2. Humility promotes honesty. Pride lives in denial and ignores the truth.

3. Humility increases teaching. Pride is intimate and defensive.

4. Humility inspires creativity. Pride lives inside our heads.

5. Humility expands flexibility. Pride is strict and demanding in my way.

6. Humility improves team morale. Pride inflates oneself and harms others.

7. Humility breeds loyalty. Pride looks for itself and takes credit.

8. Humility seeks excellence. Pride sees itself as great but actually settles for stupidity.

9. Humility brings balance. Pride requires control and everything must be done to maintain control.

10. Humility promotes and maintains relevance. Pride has no connection with others.


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