managemnet company management First Look: Leadership Books for January 2023

First Look: Leadership Books for January 2023

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First Look: Leadership Books for January 2023

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HSEE some of the best leadership books coming out in January 2023 curated just for you. Be sure to check others carefully titles which is offered this month.

9781885167903When Everyone Leads: How The Toughest Challenges Are Seen And Solved by Ed O’Malley and Julia Fabris McBride

Leadership is about engaging others to solve daunting challenges. Those challenges appear in our professional lives, in our communities, in our families—and they seem intractable, beyond our ability to see what needs to be done or beyond our capacity to do the changes needed. They are not. Because, leadership is an activity—small actions taken in moments of opportunity. And as you start to look around, you can start to see more moments, enjoy the moment of moments. Most importantly, you can help others see opportunities as well.

978194663316Xburden: Separation From the Ordinary by Allan Young

When was the last time you pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone and dared to fail? on burden, Allan Young shows you how embracing your difference, stepping out of your comfort zone, envisioning the impossible, daring to fail, and taking intentional action will set you on a path of intentional personal disruption that will change your world forever. If you are willing to face your fears and accept your failures, you too can enjoy the freedom of unlimited growth.

9781626349117Finding the Way: The Entrepreneur’s Story by Cap Treeger

A story of teaching, hard truths, and the road to success. In this fictional account of an entrepreneur’s rollercoaster ride to the top, Cap Treeger creates a series of dynamic, well-structured lessons for anyone who wants to start or build a business. The hero of the story, Ren, is fired with ambition and has a strategic dream in place to build his own startup from the ground up, but he has a lot to learn about how this particular sector of the business world works. Ren’s journey guides readers through the many factors necessary for success, including building a strong team with strategically placing individuals in carefully chosen roles appropriate to their sets. of expertise and create the most important business model. Ren navigates the daunting process with grace and provides readers with an account full of interpretive insight. Finding the WayTold in a straightforward and reader-friendly manner, it is a precious gem among business building literature.

9781399401807Into the Metaverse: The Essential Guide to Business Opportunities in the Web3 Era by Cathy Hackl

Essential reading for any executive, Into the Metaverse, will change how you think about the internet and its place for those who want to lead successful businesses, now and in the future. If the internet was first used to connect us with information, and then became a social media forum to connect people, then the Web3, which connects people, places and things, can help make the replacement state of the mobile internet today – the Metaverse. It will merge and integrate our physical and digital lives, and – in the same way that social media elevates our lives and our businesses – the Metaverse will shake things up even more. Into the Metaverse is the essential business guide to understanding the earth-shattering technologies enabling this massive shift and the opportunities it presents from a business and societal perspective.

9781400228850The Power of Potential: How a Non-Traditional Job Can Lead You to Manage Your Business Better by Tom D’Eri

Why so much chaos in a successful car wash? Almost 80 percent of Rising Tide’s workforce consists of people with autism. While part of the success comes from their mission, that doesn’t explain the importance that goes into every aspect of the business: service quality, customer experience, teamwork, management, and organizational design. The Power of Potential tells the inspiring, surprising reason why: The importance of washing is not in spite of their amazing workforce, but because of it. Thanks to their extraordinary staff, the Rising Tide team is able to discover and correct common problems that often fly under the radar of businesses. By seeing and correcting these hidden problems, any business, with any type of workforce, can achieve unexpected gains and leave the average. Common problems include: You Hire Based on Interviews, You Think Great Talent Is the Secret of a Great Business, Your Managers Are “Too Good,” and You Fire Your Worst Employees. To our surprise, solving these four problems changed who we were as a company. The result was four unexpected victories that added to a culture of excellence—but leadership was needed to reinforce what mattered.

9781119672722Leading the Non-Linear World: Building Good, Strategic and Innovative Thinking for the Future by Jean Gomes

Leading the Non-Linear World leads readers through a groundbreaking set of science-based strategies to help them deal with increased demand, uncertainty and change caused by disruptive technologies and the seismic shifts of globalization. The book shows how our thinking, more than our knowledge and skills, has the potential to be our greatest asset in facing the future. Jean Gomes examines the latest brain research that reveals that our thinking is the interplay of feeling, thinking, and seeing, and how we can harness it to increase our well-being and performance.

Additional Titles

9781487508876 9781119895275 9781119899969 9781637741986

New Edition of the Classic Leadership Book:

9781119736127In the new seventh edition of The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations, best-selling leadership authors and business scholars James Kouzes and Barry Posner provide an essential strategic playbook for effective leadership. The most trusted source of leadership wisdom, updated to meet today’s realities.

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— Henry Ward Beecher


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