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First Look: Leadership Books for June 2023

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First Look: Leadership Books for June 2023

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HCHECK OUT some of the best leadership books coming out in June 2023 curated just for you. Be sure to check others carefully titles which is offered this month.

9788886450484Leading with Importance: How to Create a Magnetic, People-First Culture by Joey Havens

Can a magnetic culture elevate you to unparalleled performance? Absolutely! And your journey to a magnetic culture begins by recognizing that a good culture is not enough to drive peak performance. With uncertainty surrounding every corner of the world today, team members are re-evaluating their workplaces and walking away as they see empty promises and benefits as temporary bandages. . People are looking for teams with purpose, a compelling vision, and a sense of belonging where they can pursue their full potential and live their lives to the fullest. on Leading with ImportanceJoey Havens transcends the limiting barriers of common cultural theory and shows, with great transparency, the real human emotions that elevate a culture to one that is real, enduring, and magnetic.

9780593542699The Experiential Mind: Changing the Way You Think About Progress by Tiffany Bova

In the battle for customer acquisition, businesses are investing millions of dollars to improve the customer experience. They provide packages faster, create new products, and endlessly change their UI, which often puts more hardship on employees for diminishing returns. According to Tiffani Bova, this siled focus on the customer experience – without regard to the impact on your staff – is actually CHALLENGE growth over time. The most successful companies adopt an Experience Mindset that strengthens both employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) at the same time.

9781774582886Positive Chaos: Transforming Crisis into Clarity and Prosperity by Dan Thurmon

on Positive Chaos, Dan Thurmon will help you better understand the true nature of chaos, including the positive aspects you can use to learn, grow, and succeed. Using illuminating findings from a first-of-its-kind study, 2022 State of Chaos in the Workplace, Thurmon reveals the current impact of chaos experienced by workers and shares effective strategies and leadership qualities for succeeding in turbulent times. From discovering how credibility comes from vulnerability, to why being honest about what you don’t know can empower others to feel more confident and able to contribute, you’ll learn how to improve yourself while becoming a better leader. Chaos doesn’t have to be confusing or debilitating. Positive Chaos can help you learn to understand and accept chaos, cut through the noise, and become truly active, helpful, and fulfilled.

9780306830273The Choice Point: The Scientifically Proven Method for Pushing Past Mental Walls and Achieving Your Goals by Joanna Grover and Jonathan Rhodes

Whether we choose to go to the gym at 6 a.m., continue running that marathon, or stay up late studying, we are making conscious, value decisions that will help us accomplish our goals. But even though we know that daily good choices add up to healthy routines and strong results, these days it’s easy to give in to negative thoughts and old habits. How can we not? Enter Functional Imagery Training (FIT). Based on science, FIT helps us to extend our Choice Point: that moment when we say to ourselves, “Am I going to make the right decision, or am I going to choose to take an action that I know will harm the my success?” Integrating mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and cognitive-behavioral therapy into a user-friendly model—the first non-academic book of its kind—The Choice Point gives us control over the decisions that define us.

9781394207114Rewired: McKinsey’s Guide to Outcompeting in the Digital Age and AI by Eric Lamarre, Kate Smaje and Rodney Zemmel

on Rewired, the world’s most influential management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, delivers a road-tested, how-to manual their own consultants will use to help companies build capabilities that will outlast the digital and AI age. Many companies are stuck in digital transformations without moving the needle. There is no quick fix but there is a playbook. The answer is to rewire your business so that hundreds, if not thousands, of teams can use technology to continuously create great customer experiences, lower unit costs, and create value. These are the organizational capabilities that win the race.

9781774582657How to Work with (Almost) Anyone: Five Questions for Building the Best Possible Relationship by Michael Bungay Stanier

Have you ever worked with someone and they just didn’t “get” you? They do all kinds of things that scare you, hold you back and drive you crazy. And have you ever worked with someone and not “got” them? You don’t know what makes them tick, and you know you’re not good as a manager and leader for them. Of course, you have. We all have. Why do those experiences persist? Especially when we also experience the opposite: good working relationships that flourish. on How to Work with (Almost) Anyone, Michael Bungay Stanier shares a proven process that sets working relationships up for the best possible success. It shows you how to communicate about who you are and what brings out the best and worst in you. It gives you the tools to communicate with your colleagues about how you operate, and to set a social contract for how you work together (not just what you work on). It teaches you how to keep relationships strong and healthy, clear and clean.

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“…a mind needs books as a sword needs a stone, if it is to keep its edge.”

— George RR Martin, A Game of Thrones


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