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How to Manage: Finding Yourself Again

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June 26, 2023

Taking responsibility for the professional development and happiness of others can change you. But is it for the worse or for the better? Feelings can be mixed until you rebuild your identity and confidence. Somehow this self-discovery has to happen as you meet deadlines and feel pressured to commit to more. How does your time fit in for your own professional development? Does career development have to feel overwhelming?

Jen Dary often coaches first-time managers on questions like, “Who are you now?” “Who do you want to be?” and “How do you stretch without taking too much?” She shares advice for rediscovering yourself, dealing with disappointment, and setting priorities and boundaries. Then, a former guest who spent a year leading a major project told us about his moments. Finally, Kelsey answered the question of whether she’d be willing to try management again.

Guest expert:

Jen Dary trains and develops managers through his coaching business, Plucky. He hosts the Be Plucky Podcast.


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