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How to Reskill Your Workforce in the Age of AI

By now, it’s probably clear to most of us that the Age of AI has arrived. Artificial intelligence applications promise to transform nearly every aspect of business, from analytics to product development to customer experience to pretty much everything else. What’s less clear is how we can best manage this potential. In particular, how do we organize and reskill our workforces to take advantage of both the automated and human skills that will be necessary to drive future success. To try to answer these questions, we invited Raffaella Sadun, a professor at Harvard Business School, to be our guest  on “The New World of Work”. Raffaella’s research focuses on the managerial and organizational drivers of productivity and growth, and she is the co-author of the cover story in the latest issue of Harvard Business Review: “Reskilling in the Age of AI.” The conversation mainly focused on the reskilling challenge. Her underlying message is that companies need to adapt properly to the technology at hand. Do it right, and you can unlock opportunities for innovation and growth. Do it wrong, and you might stagnate.

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