managemnet company management Leading Thoughts for February 16, 2023

Leading Thoughts for February 16, 2023

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Top Thoughts for February 16, 2023

Leading Thoughts

IShared DEAS has the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage:

I am.

Nine-time Grammy-winning producer Rick Rubin in knowledge:

“Awareness is not a state you force yourself into. There is little effort involved, although persistence is key. It is something you actively allow to happen. It is a presence with, and acceptance of, what is what happened forever now.

When you mark an aspect of Source, you are no longer noticing, you are studying. This is true of any thought that takes you out of the presence of something you know, whether analysis or knowing you know. Analysis is a secondary function. Awareness occurs first as a pure connection with the object of your attention. If something interests me or is beautiful, I experience that first. Only after that I might try to understand it.”

Source: The Creative Act: A Way of Being


Professor Robert Mayerovitch in teaching:

“Curiosity does not negate your knowledge and wealth. Instead, it offers the promise of much more: more richness, more depth, and breadth, more opportunities to be surprised and troubled and challenged and inspired and ultimately uplifted by what you find.”

Source: Speech, The Challenge of OthersMay 7, 2006


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