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Leading Thoughts for July 13, 2023

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Top Thoughts for July 13, 2023

Leading Thoughts

IShared DEAS has the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage:

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John Mattone on the importance of critical thinking:

“Much of your natural thinking as a leader, if uncontrolled, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed, or outright biased. Your effectiveness as a leader, however, really depends on the quality of your thoughts. Critical thinking is that way of thinking, about any given subject, in which you, the thinker, improve the quality of your thinking by skillfully managing its structures and imposing intellectual standards on them. Effective critical thinking, however, involves considering the full range of possibilities of a problem, including emotional, cognitive, intellectual, and psychological factors.

Source: Smart Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential


Tiffany Bova on the need to focus on input metrics to get to the source of the problems:

“When businesses realize they are lacking in delivering great employee and customer experiences, they tend to make the same mistake: they start to heal the problems without really knowing why they come up in the first place. Without data, companies have no ability to determine the causes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop most of them from pursuing important strategic decisions. By focusing on the symptoms before identifying the causes, they overlook the actual problems that, inevitably, continue to cause trouble in measurable or, even worse, hidden ways.

Source: The Experiential Mindset: Changing the Way You Think About Growth


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