managemnet company management Leading Thoughts for June 29, 2023

Leading Thoughts for June 29, 2023

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Top Thoughts for June 29, 2023

Leading Thoughts

IShared DEAS has the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage:

I am.

Jon Gordon in our connection:

“In Los Angeles—home to some of the worst traffic in the United States—a bright sign reads, ‘You are the traffic.’ In essence, because we are all one, we are all traffic. When you realize this truth, you stop seeing others as separate and part of the problem. In fact, the circumstance is not even a problem. The lie that you are blind to is the problem. Remember the truth and enjoy the ride.”

Source: The One Truth: Elevate Your Mind, Unlock Your Power, Heal Your Soul


Robert Waterman in bureaucracies:

“Bureaucracy helps us all day; it effectively deals with everyday problems. The problem is, the change ignores the usual bureaucratic lines. The real action in organizations happens outside of ‘the right channels.’”

Source: Adhocracy


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