managemnet company management Leading Thoughts for November 16, 2023

Leading Thoughts for November 16, 2023

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Leading Thoughts for November 16, 2023

Leading Thoughts

IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with:


Brad Stulberg on getting comfortable with change:

“If we cannot get comfortable (or at least comfortable enough) with the fact that everything changes, we risk going through life at an arm’s length from its most poignant offerings. In trying to protect ourselves from the experience of change, we end up limiting the depth of our lives.”

Source: Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything Is Changing – Including You


William Vanderbloemen on self-awareness:

“Being self-aware makes you better at finding solutions. Knowing yourself comes with a guaranteed pinch: (or more) of humility, so when a self-aware person is faced with a challenge, they can decenter themselves from the issue. Being self-aware is knowing all about you while knowing that it’s not all about you. Whatever the crisis, the Self-Aware remain even-keeled and committed to the goal.”

Source: Be the Unicorn: 12 Data-Driven Habits that Separate the Best Leaders from the Rest

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