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The Essentials: Managing Projects

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January 16, 2023

We are in a project economy, where much of our work is developing something new — a product, a service, an event. That means many of us manage projects, even if “project manager” isn’t in our official job title. And we usually do this work together with others, on a deadline, often with many stakeholders involved, while goals and circumstances are constantly changing. It’s not easy, and it’s no wonder people get certified in project management: it’s a discipline that’s surprisingly deep, from planning to closing.

A former clinical social worker who has recently pivoted to project management has already experienced some of the most common challenges, including uncertainty, interpersonal conflict, and lack of responsiveness from the team. He and Amy B talk to an experienced project manager who shares tips on motivating and influencing others, communicating effectively, and solving problems.

Guest expert:

Tamara McLemore a project manager certified by the Project Management Institute to train others in the discipline, and the founder of the Project Business Academy, where he coaches people on what it takes to pass the Project Management Professional exam.


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