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The Essentials: Playing Office Politics

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January 09, 2023

Everyone at work has their own priorities, concerns, and agendas, and knowing what those are allows us to navigate projects and meetings more intentionally and successfully. But how do you get the intel you need to achieve the results you want, especially if you’re the odd woman out in a male-dominated company and industry? What exactly does “political capital” mean? And how does one begin to change partisan and toxic politics so that they are engaged and healthy?

Organizational psychologist Madeleine Wyatt answers questions and offers advice on how to become more politically savvy, in conversation with a transportation planner determined to find a less boring, more authentic method of winning clients and influencing others.

Guest expert:

Madeleine Wyatt a professor at King’s Business School. His research examines workplace diversity and the role of informal and political processes in people’s leadership development.


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