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Top Thoughts for February 9, 2023

Leading Thoughts

IShared DEAS has the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage:

I am.

Robin Sharma in leadership roles:

“Know your role. Everyone should act like a leader—no matter what they do. Everyone should demonstrate leadership qualities—regardless of their position. That means everyone must take responsibility for getting the results they produce. Everyone has to do their part in shaping the culture. Everything should be positive and encouraging. Everyone needs to keep customers happy and protect the brand. Everyone is a leader. But not all are equal.”

Source: The Guide to Greatness: Powerful Secrets to Becoming World Class


Rose Patten in true collaboration:

Spiritual collaboration – enabling and encouraging opposition, with the ultimate goal of reaching better results. A harmonious group of like minds becomes an echo chamber of agreement. A leader who does not allow different opinions and ideas for improvement will perform suboptimally. Today’s leadership challenges – an increasingly complex and diverse workplace, digitalization, distant stakeholder expectations – will drive the need for inclusive and spirited collaboration.”

Source: Intentional Leadership: The Big 8 Positioning Capabilities of Leaders


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