managemnet company management The One Truth: Moving From Separateness to Oneness to Elevate Your State of Mind

The One Truth: Moving From Separateness to Oneness to Elevate Your State of Mind

The One Truth: Moving From Separateness to Oneness to Elevate Your State of Mind post thumbnail image

The One Truth: Moving From Separation to Oneness to Elevate Your State of Mind

The One Truth

wHY Do we feel anxious, disconnected, insecure, restless, and constantly stressed? Moments when we feel stuck with no way out. As counterintuitive as it sounds, it’s not your circumstances that make you that way.

Jon Gordon explained to The One Truth that it is always your state of mind which determines your performance. We are either in a low state of mind or a high state of mind.

A low state of mind is characterized by excessive thinking, excessive agitation, fear, anxiety, worry, uncertainty, and/or doubt. A high state of mind involves more clarity, focus, faith, and confidence.

He said that when you make mistakes in a low state of mind, you start questioning and doubting yourself. “But if you make the same mistake while you’re in a high state of mind, you just let it go and move on. You have the next game, the next moment thinking and looking forward to the next opportunity.

Of course, we all go through high and low states for different periods of time. It’s part of being human and how our minds work. When we experience a low state of mind, we need to stay in the game, understand that it happens to all of us, and not let it get the best of us.

Gordon identified the Five D’s that sabotages us:

The first is doubts. Doubt weakens us, and we begin to question ourselves and begin to feel weak and powerless.

The second D distortions. These are the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves that lead to discouragement.

The third D is weakness. “This happens when doubt and distortion (negative thoughts) dominate your mind, penetrate your soul, and cause pessimism, apathy, and hopelessness. We don’t give up because life is hard. We will give up because we are discouraged.”

The fourth D protection. Distractions keep us from what matters most. “Interruptions are the mark of greatness and a soul-sucking life.”

The fifth D is Division. This is what happens “when you experience doubt, believe in distortions, lose motivation, and distract yourself. You feel divided. We spiraled downward.

Gordon says it’s important to realize that these negative thoughts don’t come from us at first. How can we combat them?

“The answer to doubt is confidence. When doubt comes, choose faith.” When you see negative thoughts for what they are – lies – the cure is truth. (Truth: “You are here for a reason. There is a plan for your life.”) You can lift your mind by GRATITUDE. (Appreciate the raise.”) Learn to inspiration yourself If you’re distracted, stop and focus on what’s most important. You overcome division through love because love unites. “Anytime you start feeling scared and anxious and divided, when you respond lovethe fear goes away and you feel united.”

The way to a higher state of mind is love. The solution comes from within—within you. “When you fear that a situation has power over you, it lowers your state of mind. But when you know that you and your love are more powerful than your situation, it raises your state of mind .” Fear complicates things. Love clarifies.

The One Truth so our state of mind, the thoughts we think, the words we speak, the life we ​​live, the power we have, and everything we experience is ultimately influenced by unity and separation.

There is a war being waged for your mind. “Life and other forces always push you to look outside and cause you to feel isolated and wear you down.”

Growing up, my parents told me that two wavelengths are always broadcast: one positive and one negative. We are receptive to both but must choose which one we listen to.

Gordon likens it to the brain as an antenna that tunes to positive and negative frequencies. “As we focus on negative thoughts, such as fear, anxiety, doubt, jealousy, anger, or unworthiness, these thoughts negatively affect our antenna, which causes us to look for and receive more negative thoughts. mind.”

There is fullness and there are forces that are always trying to tear you apart and create holes that lead to every dysfunction and weakness. Evil exists in the space between people and God. With unity there is no room for evil to exist. But if you can be divided, then evil has room to destroy you and the world.

This is not a business story as we have come to expect from Gordon, but a heartfelt essay about an issue of extraordinary importance to him and to us.


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